Work Party 

On May 23rd and 24th, thirty volunteers came to help our maintenance staff to prepare camp for the summer! With their support, we were able to carry out many projects. One team solidified the kitchen floor in the Dining Hall while another replaced all the posts in front of Forest cabins. Other groups helped us with the spring cleaning.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed! We hope to see you again next year!  

Staff Training 

The Senior Staff worked hard to prepare a week filled with fun! The latter started with a Association des Camps du Québec training on animation techniques. Then, Erin O’Neil, OT and former Wolves team leader, came to teach the basic PDSB principles. Sylvie, nurse, and Marie-Pier, health counsellor, talked about our campers’ different medical conditions and did a workshop on first aid procedures at camp. At the end of the week, Ingrid and Michele from MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre came to give a workshop on visual impairment. Every year, this workshop is a great success!    

School groups

Nine schools will be visiting us this spring. A wide range of campers will be coming: adapted schools, English immersion programs, etc. Despite a rainy start, Joseph-Charbonneau High School started off with a lot of enthusiasm. Then Philip E. Layton School joined us during the training which allowed our new staff to work with similar campers as the ones coming for the summer. Lots of fun ahead!

Session 1 

During training, our specialists worked really hard to organize all the diffrent themes for the summer. The theme for session 1 will be: Time Travel!

Friendly reminder: Session 1 will start on Sunday June 21st 2015