Another great respite weekend spent in great company! This time, we started our countdown to Christmas! 


We began our morning by going through the good old Sears Christmas catalogue, to Charlotte’s great delight! Then, we gathered all our ideas and put them together in a letter for Santa Claus. Anne-Frédérique heard that Santa wanted to hear not only about what we wanted for Christmas but also who we are and what we like to do, so we also included it in our letter. 

In the afternoon, we took a walk to the Ayer’s Cliff post office to send our letters. Throughout our journey, Domenic led the way and Émilie made us laugh a lot. On our way back, we got to enjoy the Christmas lights around the neighbourhood.  

In the evening, we watched the movie The Grinch, but we were so tired that we didn’t get to watch it until the end. To be continued at home during the Holidays maybe? 


In the morning we continued our Christmas cards and we made some presents for our families. Yet, everyone’s favourite activity was decorating gingerbread cookies. Cédric and Yohan went particularly wild! 

We also played Elf Bowling which consists of knocking down all the elves hidden on the bowling pins. 

In the afternoon, we made a bond fire and we told each other Christmas stories while waiting for the bus. Dreydon particularly enjoyed that.

Happy Holidays!