Last December 13th and 14th Camp Massawippi welcomed its first campers for our respite weekend getaways! 

Busy Christmas Schedule 

On Friday Night, Virgo, our chef, welcomed us with some hot chocolate and his famous chocolate chip cookies… to Anne-Fred’s delight!

After a good night of sleep in the Fox Cabin, we spent the morning preparing some Christmas gifts. Sonia was busy decorating snow flakes while Charlotte and Sonia were making body scrubs. 

In the afternoon, Alexandra organized a “gift hunt”. Campers spent part of the afternoon looking everywhere on camp for some well-hidden gifts. We had an incredible time outside!

After a busy day, everyone seemed tired so we decided to stay in the multipurpose room, the Village, to play board games and listen to Cedric play the piano. Félix who still had lots of energy, went to do the night duty run around camp with Virginie. People of Ayer’s Cliff: did you hear the bell?

Sunday went by even more quickly than Saturday! We painted the canvas (see below), putted together our Christmas sock, made our luggage, decorated gingerbread cookies and… it was already time to go!  

A New Tradition 

A new page in the history of Camp Massawippi was written when the respite program Throughout the Seasons was launched. Therefore, it was important for us to symbolize the weekend getaways with a new tradition. Our staff had the brilliant idea to paint a different canvas for each respite weekend; each of those canvases representing the theme of the weekend.   Starting in 2015, you’ll be able to enjoy our canvas mosaic in the Arts & Crafts Room.

This new experience was a great success, both for our campers and our staff.

We truly hope you can join us in 2015!

For more information on our respite program, click here!