Summer Camp JOBS ARE LOCATED IN Ayer's Cliff AT:

Camp Massawippi
3161, Round Bay
Ayer's Cliff (Québec)  J0B 1C0

As Camp Massawippi is an overnight camp, all staff live on-site.
Lodging and meals are provided.

Frequently asked questions


How old do I need to be to work at Camp Massawippi?
Applicants must be 18+ years of age. Staff training begins late May – mid-June (depending upon your position). We require staff to be there for the training. If you are still in school at that time, you should clarify with your school if you can change your exam times if you were offered a position at camp.


Do I have to be bilingual?
Yes, all camp programs are run in both official languages. We have as many French as we do English campers. Counsellors must be able to converse with their campers in either language and programs animators must be able to animate all activities fluently in both languages.


What certification or experience do I need?
You need an interest in or previous experience working with children/young adults. You do not have to have any experience working with people who have special needs, although it is considered a definite advantage. Camp Massawippi will provide you with all the training you will require. It is highly recommended that all staff be certified in CPR or First Aid before their contracted start date. Those applying for waterfront positions must have a current National Lifeguard certification and Pleasure Craft Operators license.


What are the campers like?
Summer Camp (Ayer’s Cliff) enrolls 50 campers each session (4 sessions) and Day Camp (Montreal) enrolls 25 campers each week (8 weeks). Campers vary in age between 6 and 30+ years. All the campers have a physical disability. The most common disabilities are cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and spina bifida, although we welcome lots of other types of physical disabilities. Some campers are deaf or hearing impaired, some are blind or visually impaired and many are multi-handicapped. All campers have a means of communication either verbal or non-verbal. The campers come from all over Quebec, Nunavik and some from across Canada.


What are the other staff members like?
There is a management team of 4 people working year-round and all other staff members are university/college students or recent graduates hired for the summer season. All Staff members must be bilingual. There are approximately 60 staff members hired at the Summer Camp in Ayer’s Cliff and 20 at the Day Camp in Montreal.


Do you accept staff with disabilities?
Camp Massawippi encourages everyone to apply. However, working at camp can be very strenuous. Each of the candidates must be able to perform all the tasks related to the job position, including: transferring campers, pushing wheelchairs, personal care and hygiene, etc. Applicants who require attendant care are required to provide their own attendant care.


What will my responsibilities be at camp?
Most staff members are either counsellors, program animators or lifeguards.


As a Counsellor, you will work as a member of a cabin team and be responsible for a group of campers. Cabins are divided by age group and sex. There will be approx. 6-9 campers and 4-6 staff in each cabin. Together your team will be responsible for providing all the care for the campers, this can include; dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting and transferring, accompanying the campers in all their activities, getting to know your campers, and being a positive role model. Being a counsellor is one of the most rewarding, but potentially challenging, jobs at camp.


Program Animators are the “life of camp”! You must be dynamic and energetic. You plan and lead all camp programs. There are four activity periods each day and you may run a program in all activity periods. You will also animate large group activities, theme days, and special events. When not programming, you will be assisting in your assigned camper cabin.


The waterfront is one of the most popular places on camp! As a lifeguard, you are expected to assure the safety and security of the campers/staff during all aquatic and nautical activities including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, pontoon boat rides, tubing, waterskiing, etc. You will also be expected to animate activities at the beach. All lifeguards must have their National Lifeguard certification as well as their Pleasure Craft Operators license. We are looking for lifeguards that can waterski to assist with our adapted waterski program. When not lifeguarding, you will be assisting in your assigned camper cabin.


ALL camp staff are involved in camper care.


Where do I live if I work at camp?
Accommodations are provided for everyone who works at the Summer Camp in Ayer’s Cliff. If you are a counsellor, programs animator or lifeguard, you will live in the camper cabins in an adjoining room. These rooms hold 6 staff in bunk beds. Coordinators and Health Staff live in separate housing on the site. As Camp Massawippi is an overnight camp, all seasonal staff live on-site.


Are there any policies restricting my social activities?
The consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs is prohibited on camp property and while you are working and on your paid time off. Smoking is prohibited on camp property. There is a designated smoking area outside of the site. Camp Massawippi strictly enforces this policy and has zero tolerance for any infractions. If a staff member is caught with alcohol or drugs on site, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs their contract will be terminated immediately.


Do I get any time off while working at camp?
Working at an overnight camp is very hard work and it can be very tiring. You are ‘on duty’ almost 24 hours per day. Every day you will have scheduled free time. The camp sessions are 6-12 days long and you will generally have 2–3 days off between sessions. Everyone leaves camp between sessions. If you have a wedding or special event, you should advise the Camp Director at the time of hire to request this time off. The Camp Director will do her best to accommodate your request, however, it is expected that you will be available for Staff training (pre-camp) and the session dates per the job description.


When do I get paid?
If you are looking to make a fortune, working at a summer camp may not be for you! However, if you are looking for a challenging, fun job that requires you to personally invest to offer young people magical and unforgettable moments with lots of love and happiness as your reward, this is the right place! Salaries are based on the position applied for (see job descriptions). You will be paid every 2 weeks per the pay schedule, either via direct deposit or by cheque. You will also receive 4% vacation pay added to each cheque. In addition to your pay, you will receive room and board.


Will I have email access and cell phone coverage?
There is a computer in the Office for staff to use but many staff bring their own laptop or tablet. Camp has limited Internet access with some areas of camp having better access than others. Wi-Fi may not be available in all areas of the camp. Cell phone reception is good. Cell phones and personal electronic devices are to be kept in the staff cabins and can only be used during free time. Camp Massawippi is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.


What is Pre-Camp?
Pre-Camp is a week-long training to prepare for the campers’ arrival. It is a time to learn the camp routine, learn your roles and responsibilities, plan for the summer, get to know each other and to become a strong working team. This is an intensive week that will require all your energy, learning capacity and concentration. It is a week to familiarize yourself with the camp, the programs, and to learn everything you need to know about the campers. You will be trained in PDSB and camper care (feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring and continence). Good preparation means that when the campers arrive, you will be ready. Take some time before you arrive to think about things you can share at camp – stories, games, funny costumes, skits, and songs to teach the group.


If I have any questions, whom do I contact?
You can contact Camp Massawippi at 819-838-4707 or toll-free at 1-866-838-4707 or via email at


Fill out the Summer Camp job application to apply for summer 2019!
If you have any questions, please contact us at

We start recruiting in January for the summer season.

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Please note that all employees are subject to a criminal background check.